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TribuFlix Debuts at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

The Turunn Tribune is diversifying and adding an exciting new media offering: TribuFlix! TribuFlix will feature exclusive content including original documentaries, films and entertainment series. As a taster of what’s to come, exciting new TV […]

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Cannibals Eat Into Vegan Market

With the opening of New York’s first cannibal restaurant, the food world continues its cultural shift towards the natural, the raw, the ancient and the non-processed. The latest addition to this trend is Hannibal’s NYC, […]

Film & Entertainment

Stars Herald-In New Era of Designer Micropets

Some form of pet is de rigeur for any aspiring star, starlet or wannabe member of the elite social circle. It is no longer acceptable to just sport eye-catching fashion; today’s top talent needs to […]


Mainstream Fake News Misses The Real Risks

While the world’s media looks the wrong way, continually distracted by fake news, The Turunn Tribune remains the only news source focused on the real threats. As we countdown to Doomsday we would like to […]


New Vatican-Asia “No Pigeons, No Law Enforcement”

Following the “historic deal” made between China and the Vatican, an under-the-shroud source informed The Tribune that this includes construction of a Chinese Vatican City (Vatican-Asia) near to the Chinatown district of Beijing. If this […]


Trump Trumps Brexit With Duckxit

In a shock deal revealed by Tweet last night, President Trump announced the first legal secession from the United States of America. The surprise was that this was not California or Texas–both vying for the […]


FCC Set To Regulate Kung Fu and Tai Chi

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is poised to submit regulations to limit the amount of exposure to certain practitioners of Chinese martial arts including Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qigong. The new laws are […]