Isis operations in Syria suspended due to Toyota recall


ISIS operations in Syria have been temporarily suspended due to the Toyota recall impacting their 2010-2015 Land Cruisers, their Levant operations coordinator confirmed to TTT recently. Because of the volume of Toyotas deployed by ISIS in Syria the Damascus dealership contacted the terrorist group directly and held secret talks in their showroom. After a 2-hour meeting, ISIS leadership took the decision to comply with the recall notices and return all models to the regional service center networks. They also test drove the 2016 Tacoma with its tougher more refined interior which appeals to the newer generation of fighters. According to Toyota the predominant problem is related to the vehicles’ accessories:

“the affected vehicles may have accessories such as running boards or other items, that were incorrectly installed. The accessory attaching fasteners were not tightened with the proper torque, possibly causing the accessory to detach from the vehicle. Accessories that detach from a vehicle may result in a vehicle crash and/or personal injury”

There are also reports of at least 15 beard fires within the ISIS ranks due to faulty cigarette lighters in the 2014 Land Cruisers. In a brief statement an ISIS representative admitted:
“we are obviously disappointed with Toyota but feel that this poses a credible safety risk to our jihadists”
This is the first time a wide-scale recall has seriously affected a global terrorist organization. ISIS are believed to be experiencing a drop in recruitment, in part due to concerns over the Land Cruisers. Toyota have denied that their recall was deliberately orchestrated in conjunction with the CIA, and are persisting with their claim that their special edition ISIS minivan is not in any way inspired by the group or designed to facilitate hostage-taking.



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