Exploring The Dark Web App Store

As we approach Sweden’s Herring Festival, TTT’s reportage on global crime continues today with a voyage to the Dark Web. This is a menacing area of the internet that deals in the things we do not want to see openly on the web such as drugs, organized crime, pornography and Uggs.

The Dark Web app store lets users download darkapps, like regular apps but with more sinister intent: to foster hate, bigotry and direct the forces of a disillusioned, bored generation towards self-destructive nihilism, similar to Facebook but 100 times more potent.

Staffer Stig Johanssen dowloaded the free darkapp of the week: jihadbnb, an application fashioned after airbnb, the popular sharing app that lets you look after other peoples’ houses and dogs and pay them for it.

Using this app Stig managed to reserve:

The Sanctuary: A Cosy Cell in Washington DC Close to Popular Targets

This newly-renovated safe-house provides excellent logistical support in an urbanized area of DC near to internationally renowned targets. You won’t regret spending a few months at The Sanctuary, your one-stop destination for false documentation, weapons caching and even biological threat storage in our cryo-freezer unit. Kitchen, internet, shampoo, iron and hairdryer. No smoking or pets.

Yes Tribune readers, even though we are safely in Sweden the nefarious tentacles of global terrorism reach us through the Dark Web. We thank Stig for this story–it’s a world first for The Turunn Tribune— the first report of darkapps and their fiendish ends. He dowloaded several other apps in researching this story and we will feature some of his other content in future articles when we have managed to regain contact with him.

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