Swim Spa Resort Vacations on a Shoestring

The Turunn Tribune Travel Special will feature lots of fun tips to make your trip special, enjoying budget experiences that many pay of thousands of krona for. One of these is the thrill of swimming with graceful aquatic creatures […]


36 Hours in Patagonia

Viewing the Banff Film Festival world tour provided the inspiration for the second in our series “36 Hours In…” to be featured in the upcoming Travel Supplement.  Sitting in the theater balcony afforded staffer Stig […]


36 Hours In Iceland

The Herring Festival is over, the days are getting longer (we enjoy more than 2 hours of Swedish daylight every day) and our thoughts are turning to summer and the promises it holds! All this […]


Communist Uprising in New Jersey

April 17th, 2016: the USA’s communist party showed its strength in style as more than 40,000 activists flooded the streets of Princeton NJ in a display of solidarity rarely seen in the western world. New […]


CEOs Obsessed by SnapChat

Disturbing new evidence has linked the continuing downturn in the productivity of the western bloc with the meteoric ascent of the social networking app Snapchat. The data show clearly that rates of productivity-decline mirror that […]


Sharp Rise in FroYo Churches

Stig Jarllsberg reporting from Melbourne The Australian Catholic Church is particularly worried about the decline in “butts on pews”, a statistic that has been measured in more prosaic ways by NCLS Research and other Australian […]