36 Hours In Iceland

The Herring Festival is over, the days are getting longer (we enjoy more than 2 hours of Swedish daylight every day) and our thoughts are turning to summer and the promises it holds! All this week we will preview some of the exclusive stories in the upcoming TTT Travel Special Edition, starting with a sneak look at our epic travel journal and culminating in a “one-stop shop” article for all your summer planning needs!

TTT’s classic travelogue is written in the famous New York Times style, sending a reporter to spend 36 hours in different destinations, avoiding any trace of local culture by sitting in restaurants salivating over overpriced menus, swilling cocktails in exclusive bars full of 50-something Maserati owners and spending their remaining hours looking at highbrow indigenous art in one of the many “lively boutique galleries”; the epitome of American tourism! To debut the 2016 season reporter Stig Gruuntervell spends 36 hours in the extreme cold of Iceland, and marvels at the variety of fermented herring that can be found in the freezers at the rear left hand side of this UK-based frozen goods store.