36 Hours in Patagonia

Viewing the Banff Film Festival world tour provided the inspiration for the second in our series “36 Hours In…” to be featured in the upcoming Travel Supplement.  Sitting in the theater balcony afforded staffer Stig Gunterschorn a breathtaking panoramic view of the audiences’ apparel; a collage of rugged–but casual–beauty, a fashion oasis in the urban wilderness. This colorful outwear explosion lead Stig to spend a 36-hour stint in Patagonia, that favorite destination for the GoPro-touting urban professional and the older college professor who buys oddly-colored clearance fleeces. Stig explores the surreal allure of their Fair Trade-certified yoga pants for men and the wild, remote areas of their fly-fishing range.
In researching this piece we discovered that the inspiration for the store comes from the only known region in the world where Hispanic people live in a subarctic climate. Lacking a word for “snow” or “mountain sheep” in their native Spanish, the local inhabitants adopted Welsh as their national language. Remarkably, the indigenous Patagonians share character traits with the inhabitants of Northern Wales, such as their endearing propensity to switch conversation into the Welsh language whenever they realize a foreigner is within earshot.