Swim Spa Resort Vacations on a Shoestring

The Turunn Tribune Travel Special will feature lots of fun tips to make your trip special, enjoying budget experiences that many pay of thousands of krona for. One of these is the thrill of swimming with graceful aquatic creatures in their own environment, bathing with brightly-colored fish and turtles in clear pools fringed with flowers and fronds. Our reporter shows how a unique, low cost, freshwater fish resort adventure can be enjoyed throughout the USA by staying at the Embassy Suites hotel chain. Every hotel is equipped with a realistic river-style swimming pool where you can swim with koi carp and turtles, meditate under a waterfall and watch other guests enjoy the manager’s special.

Note: unfortunately we will not be able to publish this story in its full form due to the recent lifetime ban of reporter Stig Jarrlesuun from the Embassy Suites chain and all its partner hotels.