Justin Time: Quebec to go Metric!

In a surprise announcement Canada’s Justin Trudeau announced that the province of Quebec will switch to metric time (MT) in 2020. All of Quebec’s timepieces will be converted to the new system over the course of […]

Crime and Terrorism

Child Slaves on Organic Farms

Children as young as 10 years old are being put to work on organic farms in Pennsylvania. While the goods are kept free of chemical contaminants they are indelibly tainted with the taste of juvenile […]


Swedish for Schrootnenfluughers!

The Tribune feels duty-bound to expose more of our fascinating Swedish culture to the rest of the world. Appreciation of all things Swedish requires a rudimentary understanding of our magnificent language. Here we will begin […]


Scrottfroght’s Peanut-Free Peanuts

New from Scrottfroght’s: genetically modified peanuts that do not contain any trace of peanuts! Scientists in the R&D division of our canning operations have used leading-edge CRISPR technology to genetically remove all peanut from the […]


Scrottfroght’s Fermented Herring Bladders

The freshest bladders steeped in aged barnacle rinse and traditionally fermented in the armpits of Norwegian immigrant workers. You know it’s Scrottfroght’s! Jaghen! TTT will be featuring informercials as we fund an upcoming relocation of […]


Michelle Obama Shocks Queen with Crazy Afro

World exclusive! The Turunn Tribune has decided to publish a photo showing Michelle Obama breaking all Royal protocol by sporting a wild retro-funky Afro hairstyle in the presence of HM Queen Elizabeth. The ‘do featured […]