Happy Holiday Weekend from The Tribune!

Today is a special day. It’s a National Holiday in at least three countries:

  1. USA: it’s Memorial Day, the start of the US summer!
  2. UK: it’s a Bank Holiday, those customer-oriented folks at the bank get a well-deserved rest
  3. France: May is a mois pont, literally a “bridge” month off work between April and June

Although Sweden does not celebrate a National Day until the official end of permadarkness on June 4th, the Editorial Staff at The Tribune realize that there are many people idling away their Monday all around the world. To brighten up your day we offer three special stories:

  1. A holiday-themed Self-Improvement article
  2. A special feature on the weekend’s musical entertainment
  3. The exciting launch of TTT’s outreach campaign to bring a zoo to the children of Princeton, New Jersey

Wishing all our readers a Happy Holiday weekend.