Brexit to Britandinavia

Following our previous exclusive on the upcoming British referendum, The Turunn Tribune brings you another first, in the form of a leaked memo from the British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron. The document appears to […]


SwissAir: The Caring Carrier

SwissAir know there are many reasons that you come to Switzerland to spend your money; some reasons are more personal than others and so we make it easy for your to make those delicate choices. […]

Evil Switzerland

Toblerone’s Tobler Torture!

Toblerone is a Swiss icon–the delicious triangular chocolate filled with almond nougat bits that get stuck in your teeth–it’s the epitome of wholesome Swiss-ness. Until now. Like many things Swiss there’s evil lurking in the shadow […]

Evil Switzerland

Evil Switzerland

Switzerland might look like a the cover of a luxury chocolate box but it has long been suspected that amongst the milk chocolate truffles and nougat swirls lurk dark secrets. The Turunn Tribune has looked […]