Evil Switzerland

Switzerland might look like a the cover of a luxury chocolate box but it has long been suspected that amongst the milk chocolate truffles and nougat swirls lurk dark secrets. The Turunn Tribune has looked under the lid, eaten the first layer and poked around in the lower tray to find more than just praline surprises.

As a note to our Swiss colleagues — we wish to distance ourselves from any semblance of promoting the longstanding rivalry between Sweden and Switzerland. Tensions have previously arisen because of media tendencies to confuse Swederland with Sweden. We, of course, will not fall into this trap. Reporter Stig Brüsjhavvel’s shocking upcoming TTT series “Evil Switzerland” in no way implies any anti-Swiss sentiment. He exposes the unexpectedly dark and chewy core of the real Switzerland — we invite you to sit back, choose your favorite filling and hold on to your loose dental work!