SwissAir: The Caring Carrier

SwissAir know there are many reasons that you come to Switzerland to spend your money; some reasons are more personal than others and so we make it easy for your to make those delicate choices.

Take our special 1-way “Dying to Fly You (Flying to Die You)” package. From just 11000 Swiss Francs a year (annual bequest) we offer:

  • 75000 frequent flier miles and two lounge passes to be used whenever you want
  • A special “Miles and More” urn, hand-engraved with your name and frequent traveler membership number
  • A SwissAir year planner
  • Complimentary, discrete, 1-way ground transportation (look for red shuttle bus bearing illuminated sign “Death Clinic Loop”)

SwissAir is proud to partner with The Turunn Tribune in promoting the special “Live Switzerland” series*!

*Editors note: the email invitation to SwissAir inadvertently reversed some of the letters in the title-line “Evil Switzerland”