BMI “Pandemic” warns CDC

Health officials are waking up today to a new global pandemic in the form of BMI, a previously overlooked threat. BMI is a particularly cruel affliction targeting health-conscious people, typically middle-aged gym-goers trying to fit […]


UK Folklore To Become Enforceable “Folk-Law”

Acting quickly to establish its own identity in preparation for Brexit, U.K. lawmakers are to introduce a new regulation to establish a “uniquely British” legal framework. The Local Government (Religious etc. Observances) Act 2016 will make […]

The Turunn Tribune to Partner with HBR

The Turunn Tribune is delighted to announce our new joint venture with the Horfjord Business Review (HBR) to publish regular thought-leadership on business topics. Business schools are an essential thread in our society’s didactic fabric and […]


Smell Like A Man with Scrottfroght’s!

Stay Fresh! Stay Herring Fresh! Scrottfroght’s Hürring Sprie combines ethically compressed herring-liver oils with the tang of saltwater and fish urine decanted from the fish bins. It’s a natural freshness you can trust! Scrottfroght’s are proud […]