Extreme Sandcastling: Style in Spades!

The Tribune prides itself on being ultra-modern, totally not square and committed to remaining ahead of the media pack in reporting on all things primo and hip. We recommend that readers check back daily to get the latest before other cats.  Here’s something you can really dig: the uber-cool visionaries who are extreme-sandcastlers, pushing boundaries to the limits of endurance in this traditionally gentle pastime.

It was a different sport when we were young; kids took buckets and spades down to the herring cannery to build sandcastles out of fishbone grinds. The 21st-century sandcastler the has the advantage of modern technology and the growing extreme-sandcastling movement.


With a new line of rugged close-fitting Patagonia castling-wear, a plethora of dedicated magazines and websites, low profile sport-spades and more, don’t wait too long to jump on this bandwagon!