The Turunn Tribune to Partner with HBR

The Turunn Tribune is delighted to announce our new joint venture with the Horfjord Business Review (HBR) to publish regular thought-leadership on business topics.

Business schools are an essential thread in our society’s didactic fabric and Sweden’s hallowed Horfjord Business School (HBS) is old rope by anyone’s standards. The school was founded in 1759 to help the nascent Swedish coastal-style furniture industry with its market capitalization strategy.

In the early 1900s America’s green gaze alighted upon Horfjord and US academics searched for a town beginning with the letter H where they could appropriate the HBS model. They failed: the nearest they could get was C, settling in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Uncomfortable with CBS, the fictional town of Harvard was invented and the rest, as they say, is biz-story.

The Harvard faculty envied the style of the Business Review published by Horfjord. The content was desperately dull and irrelevant, but it glistened in the venerable veneer of Horfjord, attracting business wanabees with its biz-speak and aura of intellectual infallibility. Harvard created their own Business Review, plagiarizing the Horfjord style but turning the dullness control up to 11 to become a huge international success.

The Turunn Tribune does not tolerate imitations! We will bring you regular content from the original HBR for free, and invite you to join the conversation here on