Shakespeare’s Funniest 400 Joke Countdown

Shakespeare’s humor is much loved by us Swedes, we understand his subtle wordplay and enjoy its bawdy undertones. To honor the Bard’s 400th anniversary in 2016 we are publishing 400 of his best comedic moments. We hope our readers enjoy these, they are still as relevant and funny today as they were when he first wrote them. Counting down from the top:

Number 400: The one about the elk in her corset.

Ah, so the toft heights do beckon thy cutlass to her breast; that I might sift the mighty branded Barton to furtle the brazier, unbeknownst to her suitor. A hearty shaft denies the elk in her corset!

Have a tissue ready to wipe away the tears of laughter; another sidesplitting Shakespeare moment soon!