British Math Prodigy Follows in Ramanujan’s Footsteps

Media attention around the prodigious brilliance of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, portrayed in the 2016 film The Man Who Knew Infinity has brought to light similar contemporary stories. One such example is the case of British adolescent Brian “Whacko Jacko” Jackson, a sixth-form student at Bristol’s Redbank Senior College. Jackson is close to solving an enduring mathematical dilemma known as the 17 + 3 conundrum. In spite of Cambridge University specialists who said it could never be done using a formula, Jackson claims he is very close to a final solution:

I am currently at 20.2, only 5% from the answer calculated manually at Cambridge. They ask me where I get my insights, I just tell them that I don’t see numbers, I see the word of Mr. Tugbridge my sixth-form maths teacher”

Jackson could be in-line to become a fellow at Cambridge if he successfully resolves the problem which has eluded British students to date. He would be the youngest ever mathematical fellow to be elected to this hallowed rank, and the first student from Redbank Senior College. We reached Mr. Tugbridge who gave us a rare view into the nature of Jackson’s gift:

“Tell him to keep his bloody phone in his pocket during class if he doesn’t want to end up cleaning toilets at the M5 Welcome Break like the rest of his idiot friends”