Clint McMurtry: Lone Star of Social Justice Country Music

Clint McMurtry (real name Anders Jurgenschroøt) is the latest Swedish musical sensation, poised to follow in the footsteps of other global Swedish stars like Abba, Björk and Aha. Clint takes the musical tradition of America’s Southwest and infuses it with a uniquely Scandinavian sensibility. While Nashville has taken country from the wide open spaces of the West towards the wide open shirts of Florida Georgia Line, Clint remains true to the ethos of the travelin’ man. His music nevertheless blends modernity into the genre, with eco-friendly and socially aware themes coming through in “S/He’s Only a Country M/Gal(e)”, and “Where’s my Goddamn Bathroom?” which ventures into unexplored country territory with the story of a transgender cowboy searching for a gender-neutral bathroom in a local Honky Tonk.

The road remains a constant theme, evidenced by his national hit “Designated Drivin'”. The 21st Century seeps in here too; “Runnin’ on Empty”–Clint’s ode to the electric vehicle–proclaims:

“Filled her up on my chargin’ station, don’t depend on no A-rab nation”

McMurtry’s latest release “Old Fjord Pickup” (available only on non-toxic 78 rpm vinyl) runs the whole gamut of human emotion; the gentle insistence on the use of latex-foam comfy saddles in the shimmering ballad “Trigger has Feelings Too” is tempered by the anger of “Cowboys Don’t Need Guns” where he threatens:

“You look at me once; you look at me twice; you look at me again and I’m gonna de-escalate”

As Nashville descends into vacuous bro-country hipness, we salute Clint and his ascending star of traditional county values: racial tolerance, gender equality, gun control, temperance and animal rights. The Turunn Tribune awards the prestigious 5-Herring rating to his album “Old Fjord Pickup”.


Editors Note: we were unable to procure a record deck capable of playing at 78 rpm, but it sounds just fine at 45 rpm.