HBR Online Executive MBS Exclusive!

October 1, 2016: Oslo, Sweden

The Turunn Tribune announced today that it is sponsoring a new online Master’s degree from the Horfjord School of Business. The prestigious MBS qualification will be available from the Horfjord Business Review (HBR), accessible through The Turunn Tribune’s web portal at a very competitive price. HBR’s Dean, Dr. Søhb Oring described the sponsored degree as:

“A really fantastic alternative to the more popular MBA. The MBS is very similar to the MBA in that it arms today’s potential leaders with a cursory overview of modern business ideas from the 1990’s and gives them a vocabulary that will ensure they sound credible when they implement them. In addition the MBS includes up-to-date business thoughts culled from HBR’s opinion pages on hot topics such as reaching out to have a conversation and the art of surveying employees when you don’t have any ideas on how to lead. Also, given the extent of computerization of the business environment today, the MBS focuses extensively on the use of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and how to email and print these files more efficiently”

The Turunn Tribune’s Editor-in-Chief Mr. Bjorn Turunn MBS (Honorary w/Financial Bursary), would not comment on his exact motivation for sponsoring this program but he is known for his mastery of the subject area and passion for promoting a cutting-edge 20th-century workplace.