Wayne “The Train” Hancock Collides with Clint McMurtry in New Jersey

Continuing our nurturing of roots music, The Turunn Tribune took Swedish country music star Clint McMurtry to see Wayne “The Train” Hancock at Roxy and Dukes in Dunellen, New Jersey. If Clint is to progress beyond being just a global superstar with a penchant for eco-friendly ideals, he needs to see the real thing, and Wayne Hancock is the closest to the real thing that the world has right now.

McMurtry was initially excited by the support act–The Saddletones–as he has long campaigned for the use of latex-foam comfy saddles on all ranches. As Clint laments in his ballad “Trigger has Feelings Too”:

You spent four days in the saddle mister, herded 240 head of steer

I’ve spent four days being pounded by your 220 pound rear

Now’days you can use 300 horses instead of one; don’t you see?

Try the new hybrid Subaru Rancher with symmetrical AWD

Despite Clint’s confusion when Hancock asked the audience questions: “Who ain’t been in prison last year?” (Sweden does not have prisons) or “Are there any truck drivers here?” (Sweden sends STL files to local 3D printers instead of hauling goods using highly inefficient road-based vehicular transportation), the evening was a solid lesson in Country mastery for Clint. Unlike the host state’s transit system, the High Rollin’ Train delivered a thrilling fast-ride–safely and right on time–through an enchanting southwestern landscape. For being a true legend and inspiring the next generation of Swedish Country we award Wayne the prestigious 5-Herring rating (which will be accompanied by a complementary case of Scrottfroghts Fermented Herring Bladders, the ultimate road food). Well done Wayne!