Lacist Hillary Stopped by The Turunn Tribune!

<> on February 21, 2009 in Beijing, China.

We won! Following our popular and highly successful campaign, “The Face of Lacism” has been stopped in her tracks and the non-Lacist Donald Trump won for the right reasons!

We contacted Hillary’s team to see if they would comment on this little-publicized yet pivotal element in securing her downfall. We were assured that she recognized this factor and will take it into full account during her planned 2020 Campaign “Ho Li Kow for President 2020”.

In the face of public outcry over the election result, The Turunn Tribune’s Editor Mr. Bjorn Turunn MBs, Senior Vice Counsel (Pending) to the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC, assured critics that The Tribune accepted no payments or political favors of any form for this service to the American people.