Sweden Declares War on Facebook Over Fake News!

Sweden is breaking its 200-year-old tradition of being Switzerland’s ally in not fighting any wars, letting Britain and other brave countries do the work. However, this week a direct attack on Sweden’s free press by Facebook’s Legal Department has prompted the King of Sweden himself to declare diplomatic war on Facebook.

A particularly menacing email was received by The Turunn Tribune on Monday morning. In this missive, one of Facebook’s top attorney’s makes unfounded accusations that our stories are not based on the truth and may have influenced the outcome of the recent American elections. We categorically deny this allegation and will fight Facebook in order to continue to publish real news. As proof, below is a certificate from the King of Sweden attesting to the veracity of stories published in this, his “Global Voice”. The email was forwarded to the Royal Court where it sparked immediate reaction.

To Facebook we say: fight The Royal Court of Sweden, Zuckerberg! We will in no way engage in the pathetic plea bargaining that your Legal Team propose, disclosing names of fake news sites that we consider to be competitors in order to avoid Facebook’s sanctions. We will never direct you towards the identities of other defenders of the free press, certainly not this one, and definitely never this one. Be prepared for the wrath of Sweden!