HBR’s Management Tip of the Day: Execute Your Deliverables!

The Turunn Tribune, in conjunction with our partners at HBR, will bring you a management “Tip of the Day” to periodically boost your leadership acumen. These tips combine cutting-edge management thinking with a uniquely Swedish perspective to give you that leg-up on the management ladder towards the C-suite. Beginning on the lowest rung; let’s take a leaf from other books on self improvement and look closely at the word “improvement” itself. Its etymological roots lie in the Swedish word üntlagneschafftunhulm meaning “rotten Norse Warrior”, combined with the Latin improre “to meet”. So it’s literally “meeting a rotten Norseman”. Through insightful thought-leadership, HBR will guide you and the Norseman safely back to the leadership longboat, showing you how to bravely execute all your deliverables and rape and pillage the village of career stagnation with impunity.