Ralph Lauren To Launch New Range of Swedish Style Polos

The Turunn Tribune, Sweden’s leading online news agency, announced today that it is partnering with Ralph Lauren, a premier designer of fashion wear, to modernize the company’s iconic polo shirt. Bjorn Turunn, The Tribune’s Editor-in-Chief, released a joint statement with Ralph Lauren describing the raison d’être and design of the new shirt:

We have realized for some time that the Polo brand logo–a stylized polo player on a horse–is an outdated and somewhat ridiculous image to wear on your chest, no longer de rigueur with the new generation of buyer. Sporting this symbol of faded elitism appeals only to middle-aged corporate executives and over-eager Indian outlet-mall shoppers. To widen the demographic to people who do not want to display a horse ridden by some idiot upper-class G&T-swilling colonialist on their left breast we have partnered to redesign the brand for the 21st century. The new line of Polos is iconic in its simplicity. It’s exactly the same as today’s Polo shirt, except that the horse emblem has been removed. This is the Swedish principle of guntelschnhülmenstacht–sparse simplicity–incarnate in a leisure shirt. To honor this Swiss influence the line is being baptized “The Polo Guntelschnhülmenstacht” and a snappy media campaign will herald its launch in 2017.

The Turunn Tribune is offering its readers an exclusive limited edition version of the shirt featuring a chest emblem of a drunken Norseman brandishing a spear chasing a moose through a clearing. This shirt will be available free of charge to the first hundred readers who write to bjornturunn@gmail.com spelling the word “guntelschnhülmenstacht” correctly.