Seasons Greetings from The Turunn Tribune!

The entire team at The Turunn Tribune send you our sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas! We wish you a 2017 that is full of Smygge (pronounced “smugg”); a Swedish word loosely translated as that feeling of cosy smugness that you get from being enclosed in geothermally-powered Scandinavian-style cabin full of IKEA furniture bought using a moneyless transaction while outside the Northern Lights glisten in the permafrost.

This was a landmark year for us; in the space of less than 10 months, The Turunn Tribune rocketed from obscurity to its current status as the premier Swedish media outlet. As a token of gratitude to you, our readers who made this possible, we are offering a free, downloadable, Turunn Tribune 2016 Yaårschunbruück (Yearbook), available here for you to enjoy.

We look forward to a year of shared smyyge, you and us, cosy together, staying well away from the IKEA dresser.