Fly the Self-Important Skies With HBR’s Polaris A1 Business Class!

At HBR we know that one of the main concerns of the modern business person is the quality of the first-class cabin. You need exquisite luxury to perform at the peak levels demanded of today’s top performers. How can you be expected to strike that deal during the 8am meeting in Paris if you haven’t spent all night guzzling the best champagne and eating the constant stream of tempting amuse-bouche delivered by the servile stewardess. That’s why we have come together with our friends at Star Alliance–the number one network of spare jets that no one knows exactly what they’re for–to design the crème de la crème, the lorem ipsum, of luxury air travel — The Polaris A1 (not to be confused with United’s lower-level Polaris Business class).

Travelling Polaris A1 allows you the following range of elite comforts:

  • Intermittment access to our fastest slow wifi
  • A personal bathroom built into your “slumber-eze” recliner
  • Access to the A1 in-air cigar lounge
  • Access to the A1 heated onboard swimming pool
  • Your own individual emergency exit and life raft (avoiding the need to watch the safety video)
  • A unique boarding line, allowing you to begin standing in line, not just 30 minutes before the start of boarding like the passengers in groups 1 and 2, but 60 minutes before the gate opens. Yes, you can stand flaunting your elite status playing with your mobile device for a full hour before you need to board!

Our designers at Polaris have placed the A1 personal luxury silos throughout the plane, intermingled with the economy-class seats. Lower-class passengers sitting next to the A1 silos will be there to help with any need not taken care of by our cabin staff and required to comply with the following statement: “you are sitting next to an elite member who may require your assistance during the flight to perform any service demanded of you. As an economy passenger, federal regulations require you to assist with their every demand”.

You deserve Polaris A1! Every single dollar of the extra cost is a worthwhile investment for your company. We are rolling out the concept into other areas of your executive life, from supermarket checkouts to your place of worship. Launch into The Self-Important Skies with Polaris A1!