The Sunday Spiritual

In this age of increasing religious segregation and mistrust the Turunn Tribune is committed to easing social tensions and being a voice for community integration. This new feature, “Sunday Spiritual”, will include interpretation of passages from the holy works of all the world’s major religions. With brief but insightful commentary, this section of The Turunn Tribune will foster the understanding that all religions have a striking parity of message. Over the coming weeks, our acknowledged experts in comparative theology will analyse and explain the following texts from these world religions:

  • Christianity: “The Book of Self-Righteousness” (a lesser-known Old Testament scripture that epitomizes the Christian ethos)
  • Islam: “Spilling the Blood of the Infidel: The Prophet’s Guide” (a starter work on the precepts of the Muslim faith)
  • Judaism: “Living According to a 3000-Year-Old Book: A Worldview for the Modern Jew”
  • Buddhism: “Zen and the Art of Sitting Around in Self-Obsessed Isolation”
  • Hindu: “The Korma Sutra” (a sensual guide to the Indian curry)
  • Mormonism: “Out-of-State Plates: The Joseph Smith Story”

Most of these were written over two centuries ago by unknown authors high on psychedelics but they remain just as relevant today as they were when they were first written!

Book Of Self Righteousness