Trump Time: USA to go Metric!

After his meeting with the Canadian Premier, President Trump has declared that he is “fully in favor” of moving the entire North American continent to Metric Time (MT). Canada is committed to making this shift from 2020 beginning in Quebec province, and is pursuing implementation plans in  spite of growing opposition. MT has 100 seconds in every minute, 100 minutes in every hour and 10 hours in every semi-day to give an overall equivalence of 20 metric-hours per regular 24-hour period. Trudeau sold the idea of MT so successfully (including a gift of a MT watch given to Mr. Trump) that immediate action is expected to move this forward. A White House Spokesperson told The Tribune:

“He wants to beat the Canadians to the draw. If you have a good idea why wait until the year 5440 MT? This will immediately give American industry a 160% increase in productivity compared to the rest of the world by giving every US hour an extra 40 minutes that each contain 40 more seconds than OBT (Old British Time)”

The math has convinced President Trump. Expect an Executive Order at 10.75h on Tuesday.