Swedish Associated Press Reveal Truth About Trump’s Sweden Terror Comment

We would like to clarify multiple misconceptions and counter the abundant fake news related to President Trump’s comments on Saturday invoking an apparent Swedish terror attack last Friday. The Turunn Tribune can reveal that the terrorist attack actually happened in Sweden this weekend. ISIS tested their latest bomb, codenamed “Project Home of the Brave“, in the North of Sweden, a location chosen for its climatic conditions. As reported by The Tribune, this snow bomb has been under development in ISIS’s middle-eastern territories for some time. The organization required a locale that would not notice an intense blast of explosive snow in order to test their final device prototype. The Swedish Associated Press can confirm that this test occurred on Saturday in Kiruna, Sweden and was judged to be a success by the Islamist organization. No one in Kiruna noticed anything out-of-the-ordinary.

President Trump was aware of this impending terror attack during his speech on Saturday, he was fully briefed by the CIA earlier in the week. Unfortunately, due to his new Metric Time watch, he was confused around the time of the strike and announced it prior to the detonation. Subsequent White House explanations have attempted to divert attention away from any possibility that Mr. Trump know in advance of this terrorist action.