South Korea Intensifies Arms Race With Miniature Device

After the ousting of President Park Geun-hye, South Korea are accelerating their arms race with the North. Seoul’s latest weapon is rumored to be a portable explosive device no bigger than a cell phone. Leaked information obtained by The Turunn Tribune indicates that this is being manufactured in collaboration with a company identified only as “South Korea’s leading technology company”. If this leak is substantiated it would be the first evidence of Korean military collaboration with the private sector. Using sophisticated data analysis techniques we have deduced that the company developing this weapon is very likely to be Hawashi Kodeshuya, the leading Korean manufacturer of dishwashers and home appliances. According to Dr. Stig Grüunschørf, The Turunn Tribune’s ballistics advisor:

“There would be a real danger that a civilian company working on a military project could inadvertently mix-up their product-lines. While there is no evidence that a Korea has recently produced explosive cellphone-sized devices, I would caution against buying any Hawashi Kodeshuya products, and immediately inform an expert if their are any signs of their dishwashers or dehumidifiers exploding. As a precaution, do not take these products on board aircraft.”

The Turunn Tribune – Swedish Intelligence/Real News!