New Dental Exposure Limits to Protect US Patients

The American Association of Dentists (AAD) will follow-up on their 2016 recommendation to increase the amount of dental X-rays by issuing a strict new guidance restricting patient exposure. The surprise move aims to protect patients undergoing treatment and is more stringent than any previous guidelines. Dr. Ray D. Atemore of the AAD told The Tribune:

“Our concern is that, once the patient is in the chair they are completely at the mercy of the dental staff. They are unable to voice their concerns and professional ethics dictate that we provide adequate protection through limiting exposure for all patients”

The new limits (in minutes per treatment session) are:

  • Keep on Loving You (Reo Speedwagon): <2 minutes
  • Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey): <1 minute
  • In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins): <1 minute
  • Wind of Change (The Scorpions) & any song containing whistling: < 1 minute
  • Eye of the Tiger (Survivor): <0.5 minutes
  • Hotel California (The Eagles): complete restriction

Dr. Atemore again:

“It is simply not ethical to subject those in the dental chair to this type of classic rock that they have already vastly over-consumed from listening to US radio. It’s like intubating them and force-feeding an aural sugary drink. Our survey results show that the majority of patients would rather have the dentist vomit on them than have to listen to Hotel California for the millionth time”

American dentists will have to make more judicious musical choices in future to avoid unnecessary suffering in their surgeries. Here in Sweden, although dentistry is much rarer than in the USA due to our genetically perfect teeth, the Scandinavian Dental Association are “strongly considering” a complete ban on “Take on Me” by A-ha.