UberDK Set for Global Roll-Out

Uber’s DK 1-Way Ride Sharing

UberDK has become such a success in Russia that Uber are in active negotiations to bring the service into other geographies where there is a similar need. The embattled ride-sharing giant has finally generated some good news and is looking to exploit this to drive returns to its shareholders by the shortest possible route. In the first month of operation UberDK has generated a $1.3 million revenue in Moscow alone. The price of a ride varies between $2,500 and $10,000 for the 1-way trip. Mr. Putin’s demands have triggered surge pricing in Moscow, increasing the ride revenue even further. Other regions interested in the service include Afghanistan, Syria, South America and New Jersey. Uber are including the DK product in their R&D projects for driverless and drone-enabled services; expect some cool new offerings in this promising product space!