France to Close on Wednesdays

Macron will close the country every Wednesday, will anyone notice the difference?

Newly-elected premier Macron will act quickly to institute his keynote measure and close the country completely on Wednesdays. This huge nod to populism was perhaps the key factor in defeating Le Pen, who maintained that the country should work all week. France has a long tradition of closing at inconvenient times; shops and restaurants close at lunchtime, many business take the summer off and schools do not open on Wednesdays. The new legislation will close the entire country every Wednesday, all borders and airspace will shut down and any messages to the internet domain .fr will receive an auto-reply “on est fermé le mercredi; vous pouvez quand même nous laisser tranquil pendant une journée au moins”.

France will compensate for this non-working time by deploying Metric Time (MT). This new time system, already slated for 2020 in France, will gain the equivalent of a working day per due to the increase in metric minutes per deci-week. European onlookers have to admire the elegant and logical gallic style of avoiding work. Their British neighbors, who also have a long history of not working whenever possible, are believed be studying this development with interest.