Trump Supports the Tribune!

President Trump tweeted his support for the “Stop the Eclipse” campaign last night, saying: “I can’t condone this eclipse; I agree with the Swiss [sic] that this is not the time to spread bigoted symbolism. […]

Film & Entertainment

Britain’s Most Intelligent Frozen Foods

The latest series from the BBC–Britain’s Most Intelligent Frozen Foods–has everything we love! Geriatric presenters, local dullards, a banal pointless premise and tedious banter that we affectionally consider quirky. This will be astoundingly popular everywhere […]


It’s 10:10 at 2305 Meters!

Or is it 23:05 at 1010 meters? What does it matter if a watch looks this good? The redesigned Excalibur by Roger (that’s “Rojay”) Dubuis; expensive but worth it. Swedish accuracy, as long as you get […]