Stop the Eclipse! End Racially Insensitive Symbolism!

The Turunn Tribune is taking a firm stance on the August 21st solar eclipse. We urge our readers to lobby their elected representatives to stop all forms of racial insensitivity, including this thinly-veiled cosmic messaging disguised as an eclipse. With the current global uptick in xenophobia and nationalism the last thing we need is flagrant solar symbolism to add more heat to the fire of identity politics. Already there is a rally planned in the epicenter of the eclipse–Carbondale, Illinois–comprising at least five factions:

  • Supporters of the “Darkness Dominates” coalition, gathering to voice their support of black superiority over white light
  • “Whiter is Lighter” nationalists celebrating the eventual submission of blackness to enduring whiteness
  • Pro-blackness counter-protesters, protesting the Whiter is Lighter view of the eclipse
  • Pro-white nationalist counter-protesters, protesting against the supporters of Darkness Dominates
  • The “Stop the Eclipse” movement who are speaking-out against the racially-charged nature of the solar event

The Turunn Tribune stands squarely with the latter camp and have taken the unprecedented step of contacting President Trump to gain his support. We expect him to Tweet his position in the near future. Meanwhile the forces of law-and-order are massing in Carbondale to try and defuse this potential solar flare-up.

Our best advice: stay indoors, do not get involved and stand united against those who use any form of symbolism to advance their partisan propaganda!

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