Locked and Loaded 2: Domination of the Dishwashers

In a classic case of art imitating reality, the plot of this new film is disturbingly close to real-life, as recently reported in The Turunn Tribune. Below is the review from the Swedish movie review site Rüngten Thømaartes by Stig Andersen [spoiler alert].

Ken More’s latest offering “Domination of the Dishwashers” is a dystopian near-future sci-fi pic with a difference. While the theme is familiar—robots take over the world, an all-American hero defeats them at the last-minute after much action, with love-interest on the side—the protagonists are not at all the usual fodder. The hero is Tim Jenkins, is a disillusioned Macy’s home service engineer whose reputation for fixing dishwashers is matchless in his home state of New Jersey. Long stints fixing “no drain” errors (code E4) have stunted Tim’s genius and left him incapable of tackling the advanced error-codes that were once his specialty. His calling comes in the form of a global takeover by intelligent dishwashers, unseen and unanticipated, catching the USA off-guard and rapidly paralyzing every city in the First World, controlling water supplies and re-purposing cleaning chemicals to deadly effect. Tim realizes that the ‘washers have neglected to close a diagnostic backdoor used by Macy’s senior field engineers and exploits this to return America to the Americans and free the rest of the world. The visuals are superlative–using CGI to create futuristic Samsung and Whirlpool models–the car chase scene (where the Miele Futura ProfiLine re-programs a driverless car) is refreshingly unique and Tim’s developing relationship with a spinster dishwasher enthusiast adds just the right dose of human interest. Two thumbs up, a must-see!

Watch the trailer here!