Clint “Jackalope” McMurtry: Swedish Eco-Country at its Best!

The Turunn Tribune continues to sponsor our very own Swedish Eco-Country star, Clint “Jackalope” McMurtry. He fixes the US of A firmly in the headlights of his old electric vehicle in his latest release, highlighting the turbulent times across the Atlantic with trademark pith. An inherent Swedishness is reconciled with American yearnings, exemplified by a unique reworking of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire–“Herring of Fire”-which gender-balances the song by taking the woman’s point of view (her ring of fire…) while including enough fish references for Scandinavian ears.

In “Locked and Loaded” McMurtry uses clever wordplay to compare the impending nuclear destruction of the Korean peninsula with his morning routine of loading his Siemens iQ300 Freestanding Dishwasher and locking it for an eco-wash cycle. Clearly he reads The Turunn Tribune!

Social awareness permeates the album, from the the uptempo jangliness of “Got a Reservation at On the Border” (treating the plight of displaced native American Indians and Mexicans) to his socially-aware reworking of the classic “Blue Shadows on the Trail” (“Blue Shadows on the Trailer Park”). The closing-cut, “I’ll get My Reward Points in Heaven”, is a stunning, religiously-flavored, reference to the latest addiction striking down the white middle-class.

The Swedish Jackalope is vastly underrated outside of his homeland, we hope that this offering (and our continued sponsorship) will finally see his talent appreciated across the globe.