World’s First Bitcoin-Only Street Food Stand to Open in 2018

Bitcoin fever is gripping the world, trickling down even to street food vendors. Coladas Gourmet Guacamole Inc., a New Jersey company with a total workforce of 2.5 announced today that its operations would be conducted entirely in bitcoin. CEO, Chef and Canopy Erector Jorge Colada issued a forward-looking statement today:

It’s clear that the public are dazzled by the shiny newness of Bitcoin, so we will offer them the experience of buying their street food using the new currency. They will be able to buy our Gourmet Guacamole for .00007 BC and our deluxe Avotoast for .0000705 BC. We have taken the decision to only accept cryptocurrency, no cash, no credit, making us unique in the food truck/street vendor space

Colada’s have invested in a high-performance super-computer which will be housed under the avocado storage area in their stand. Hungry customers will need to validate their private key using Colada’s biometric technology, double-enter the public key, wait just a few minutes until the blockchain has been copied to the worldwide network, and then they will receive their delicious guacamole. Worth waiting for!