Disney to Open Second Holocaust Ride in 2020

Walt Disney World in Florida are to open a second holocaust-themed ride in 2020 to meet burgeoning demand; their current exhibit “Holographic Holocaust” remains sold-out for six months straight. Swedish and other non-Americans find it difficult to understand why such a colossal human catastrophe would attract so many pleasure-seekers, so we posed this question to Dirk Woleniak, manager of the “Mickey and Minnie Laundromat” in Orlando, Florida, who told us:

The thing is, all schools in the US have state and federal requirements to dedicate a large portion of their study schedule to human misery, death and despair. They want the kids to spend their schooldays appreciating the the worst elements of human nature rather than reading anything forward-looking or inspirational. The Holocaust figures prominently in this curriculum and Disney’s ride is now mandatory for most American high school kids during their sophomore year.

This trend is accelerating and Disney are adjusting their product-line accordingly with a new series of early-reader books “Pingu and Annie go to a Holocaust”, designed to introduce genocide to elementary school children. The new theme-park ride is still in the design phase but Disney are actively expanding this area with plans for “A Pol Pot Christmas” in the offing.