Scrottfroght’s Swedish Power Smoothie

As a special New Year’s gift–a change from the usual dark and dreary news–we bring you a classic Swedish smoothie recipe, in conjunction with our friends at Scrottfroght’s . This is a modern take on an old Viking potion used for removing beards cleanly from the severed heads of victims in order to hang them on decorative poles outside the village. It tastes just as good today as it did back then!


  • 5kg Scrottfroght’s sustainably harpooned whale blubber
  • 2kg crushed whelk shells
  • 1 pack Scrottfroght’s fermented herring bladders
  • 100mL barnacle rinse
  • 3 cups fresh seaweed
  • 1 cup moose hoof paste
  • 1 cup Norwegian snow-ferret grease

Blend vigorously and enjoy!