U2 Plan Concert in Korean DMZ

Anticipating a historic unification of the two Koreas, the Irish supergroup U2 are rumored to be organizing a special show in the demilitarized zone that lies between the North and the South. The concert would […]

HBR Jobs of the Future Survey 2018

Results are in from HBR’s “Management Outlook: Recruitment & Employment Business Scenarios 2049” survey. In keeping with the recent spate of future employment surveys, a team of highly-remunerated futurist consultants pored over big data to […]


Scrottfroght’s Edible Adventurer Apparel

Thanks to the Scrottfroght’s mountainwear design team your huskies, sherpas and slightly overweight climbing buddy will sleep a little more easily on the next expedition. Scrottfroght’s Edible Adventurer Apparel solves the problem of what to […]