HBR Jobs of the Future Survey 2018

Results are in from HBR’s “Management Outlook: Recruitment & Employment Business Scenarios 2049” survey. In keeping with the recent spate of future employment surveys, a team of highly-remunerated futurist consultants pored over big data to predict the career trends of the next three decades. The 200-page report, formatted for global leaders to print-out and read, highlights that most jobs will be automated and new roles such as quarantine enforcers, vertical farmers and climate change reversal specialists will be increasingly in demand. The Turunn Tribune, a global partner of HBR, will offer highlights from the MOREBS 2049 survey, counting down on eight emergent careers from the Swedish perspective. Over the coming weeks we will give in-depth analysis of the following forthcoming new jobs:
  • National Anthem Writer
  • Planetary Immigration Officer
  • Dishwasher Surveillance Specialist
  • Geopolitical Sock Strategist
  • Designer of Outdoor Challenges for Bored Executives
  • Genocide Teacher
  • Bank Marriage Administrator
  • Layman
If you are looking for a change or are advising young people about their employment options don’t miss this exclusive series!