U2 Plan Concert in Korean DMZ

Anticipating a historic unification of the two Koreas, the Irish supergroup U2 are rumored to be organizing a special show in the demilitarized zone that lies between the North and the South. The concert would feature their album “Songs of Hope and Freedom” played in its entirety as “a message of hope and freedom” to the North. The band’s singer Jared O’Boingy (stage name Bono) has apparently held “deep and long-lasting regrets” that they did not play in the midst of the Berlin Wall being torn down in 1989. There has also been much speculation about their ties with North Korea with allegations that guitarist Kim Jeet-il (stage name The Edge) has direct family links with the regime. According to a source close to the band:

They won’t miss this opportunity. Bono wants to capture the moment with a stripped-down set of emotionally-charged songs to show repressed peoples everywhere what lies on the other side of the wall of hope. The show will climax with a new version of their elegiac hit “Home to My Blood” guaranteed to leave the Koreas in an emotional meltdown

Confident words, yet not everyone is as positive about the show’s prospects. Military analysts are concerned that this could be construed as an act of war by Kim Jong-un who has previously only heard the group’s music broadcast at high volume from the propaganda speakers that lie on the border. According to one music industry analyst, Bono’s vision is indeed that U2 trigger a glorious nuclear climax to their 40-year career:

What could be better? Bono, hair blowing in the blast wave singing the anthemic chorus to “Until The End of The World” while ICBMs fly in the background, it’s the perfect climax for modern civilization as we know it

Ticket and merchandise sales are expected to open soon.