High Incidence of Mortality in Public Radio Legacy Listeners

Data published in this month’s International Journal Of Suspicious Deaths show striking differences in 5-year mortality for different classes of American public radio listeners. Alarmingly, the death rate is over three times higher for legacy members (listeners who bequeath money to the station in their wills) compared to regular members or non-member listeners. Our medical correspondent Dr. Stig Andersen NVQ analysed the data and provided this commentary:

Of course, we cannot conclude any causal relationship between signing-up for the so-called legacy circles and mortality. Nevertheless the extent of the effect does raise serious questions about becoming a legacy giver.

Further studies are planned to see if similar differences are present in other organisations who use legacy giving as a fund raising mechanism. If the results are borne out, subscription to planned giving would overtake smoking as the predominant risk factor in the USA. It also raises the specter of less than charitable collaboration between publicly-funded bodies and services such as UberDK.