New US National School Bell Schedule: Shootings Between Homeroom and First Period

After years of inaction in response to the growing wave of school shootings, some positive steps are finally being taken. A new national timetable for American schools was unveiled today as part of the Trump Administration’s plan for school security. The proposed schedule includes two specific slots for school shootings: between homeroom and first period in the morning, and the period immediately after lunch. Critics have denounced the plan for not leaving enough time for a thorough shooting, but this has been rejected by the NRA-backed supporters of the plan who argue that if these events can be more accurately scheduled, better defensive measures can be implemented proactively. Importantly, school sports coaches are in favor of the scheme as it would not interfere with practice and scrimmage activities, even if a shooting occurs. After some negotiation it was also agreed that the tardy bell would be suspended in case of any gun-related incident, which is like to curry favor with student bodies. With this support from those that hold the power in US education, widespread adoption of the revised curriculum is expected.