Trump Gethsemane Hotel Will Welcome First Guests in 2019

The Trump organization announced today that a new hotel—a five-star lifestyle experience—will be built at the foot of the Mount of Olives in the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem. The hotel will be constructed amongst the ancient olive trees such that guests will have a superb view of old Jerusalem from the infinity pool.
In spite of the new hotel being built on the grounds of such an important religious site, opposition has been muted and Christians have given the plan their broad support. This is in part due to the tasteful design of the new hotel, using an illuminated purple fluorescent cross to display the brand identity. A Trump spokesman told The Tribune:
We have been careful in respecting the religious significance of the site. Nowhere is this more evident than in the range of themed suites which are decorated according to the Stations of the Cross; each one of these fourteen luxury units is reverently evocative of events here. In addition, the casino, night club and bars will all close early at 2 am to respect the tranquility of these beautiful gardens.
Religious leaders are prepared to accept the idea because it comes from Donald Trump; no other recent leader has so completely embodied modern Christian values. The Israelis, delighted at his recognition of Jerusalem, were willing negotiators in this latest deal. Mr. Trump plans to spend a considerable portion of his year at Trump Gethsemane, due to security concerns at the White House where he believes the Devil is burrowing up though a sinkhole in the lawn outside the Oval Office.