USA National Anthem Lyrics “Health Risk”

Following hard on the heels of Canada, who tampered with their national anthem last year, senior American administration officials are lobbying to modify the lyrics to the USA’s anthem. The call comes after researchers at the National Institutes of Health voiced concerns that some of the words promote an unhealthy lifestyle, especially in younger children and adolescents:

This song is played at every school event. Beyond that, scouts, youth groups, state and military camps all play this tune repeatedly to groups of impressionable young people. It is time we realized that this subliminal indoctrination of behaviors can take its toll in later life, leading to the levels of chronic illness that we see in the over-40s

The first two lines of the second verse were singled out as being of particular concern due to the alcohol and tobacco references:

A singer in a smoky room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume

The pro-change lobby is recommending that the lines are modified to:

A player in a locker room
A smell of sweat and brand perfume

This message is seen as much healthier for America, emphasizing the importance of sport and hard work while encouraging the purchase of designer fragrances . The proposal could get the ear of the Trump administration; the song plays a central role in steering young Americans towards a safe and steady worldview of “streetlights, people, living just to find emotion…” rather than questioning society’s norms. The Turunn Tribune view this as validation of our series on jobs of the future which predicted the increasing demand for national anthem writers.