Fed Points to GCT as Evidence of Prosperity Gains

Economic data released today shows a full 5-point climb in the GCT Index, substantiating President Trump’s claim that prosperity is returning to the American middle class. As one analyst explained to The Tribune, the GCT (Granite Counter Top) Index is accepted as the best indicator of wealth in this bracket:
The GCT shows the ability of the middle class to replace perfectly good kitchen fittings with expensive granite countertops. The fact that they would spend comparatively large sums to end up with kitchens that look like morgues, especially if paired with stainless steel appliances, is a very robust measure of the disposable dollars in this segment of the population
The opinion of the American people has yet to reflect these data; in spite of their ridiculous kitchens, the middle class still have the strong sentiment that they are paying too much in income tax, that their property taxes are too high and that immigrants are taking their jobs, healthcare beds and college places.