TribuFlix Debuts at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

The Turunn Tribune is diversifying and adding an exciting new media offering: TribuFlix!

TribuFlix will feature exclusive content including original documentaries, films and entertainment series. As a taster of what’s to come, exciting new TV includes:

White Man Eats in Restaurants: a close-up look at an affluent white person eating food in different cities; the first episode is “White Man in Philadelphia”, looking at Philadelphia’s unique and valuable additions to world cuisine exemplified by “Big-Assed Slices” and “Big-Assed Cheesesteak”

The High-Speed Iron Horse: we look at the high-speed train networks of the western world starting in the USA where networks such as New Jersey Transit routinely attain 41 miles per hour!

We are delighted to open TribuFlix with “La Domination des Lave-Vaisselles“, a film that checks all the boxes of the best art films, including poor production value, a smattering of French, obscure grainy black-and-white segments and a complete absence of any meaningful ending. It is a re-imagination of the classic “Domination of the Dishwashers” in Art-House format and, excitingly, has been accepted at the this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Bjorn Turunn will be there in person to introduce “La Domination” and will be giving out plenty of free merch such as our new “Oslo, Sweden” buttons (check out the Früntenshrütjoln on our main page).

Tune-in to TribuFlix to see exclusive stories from The Fringe and enjoy the best of Internet streaming!