Patented Feeder Brings Unicorns Back to Pennsylvania

“It’s a Teapot! Art, Antiques and More” of Peddler’s Village Pennsylvania are claiming to be the first store in the world to offer a fully functioning Unicorn Feeder.  According to business owner Mr. Jackson Holefood:
While we have not been able to compete previously with Sedona, Upstate New York, New Mexico or Marfa the resurgence of unicorns in the state will make us the world’s number one “spirituality and sandals” destination. Pennsylvania has always been the place to come to nourish your internal unicorn; now you can nourish an external unicorn too!
Mr. Holefood has apparently seen over 30 unicorns using the feeder and has patented the recipe for “uninectar”, the secret ingredient which attracts the creatures. Holefood believes that the $80 investment in the feeder is a small price to pay to see a mythical beast.
While these claims are far from being accepted by the mainstream, they have attracted interest from Amazon who are now featuring the Holefood Unicorn Nourisher as a Prime item. After the failure of this year’s Prime Day the online giant is hoping that the growing WITCH (Windchimes, Incense, Tibet, Candles & Herbal) market, fueled by both young professionals and aging baby boomers alike, will drive growth over the next decade. Subaru are also believed to be cautiously eyeing the product with a view to a sponsorship deal.